Architect Uturoa Raiatea Leeward Islands French Polynesia Tahiti N° 697524


Service of town planning


The architectural design defines the layout of the buildings, their composition, organization and expression of their volume and the choice of materials and colors with plans and written documents.

The architect establishes the final estimate of the estimated cost of the work.


1 - AOF: Administrative opening of the file


2 - BPS: Before - Project Summary 

Realization by:

- Ground plan, plan principle 1:500, 1:200, 1:100
- Descriptive Record Summary
- Overall assessment indicative


3 - BFP: Before - Final Project

- Overview Plans (site plan, ground plane) across 1:200
- General arrangement plan (plans, sections, elevation) wide 5cm / m and 2 cm / m
- Description of Work summary by state bodies
- Overall estimated cost of work


4 - BPF: Building permit file

- Development of application for a building permit, the hygiene instructions and safety notice.
- Provision 6 copies
- Follow the folder with the various administrations.


5 - PGC: Project General Conception

Based on the Before - Final Project approved and after obtaining the building permit , the contractor shall prepare the draft with all graphic or written statements below items:

- Plans, sections, elevations across 2cm / m and 5 cm / m
- All the details and any additional drawings needed to consulting firms
- Detailed Specifications
- Detailed Description of Work
- Evaluation of work by state bodies


6 - FCB: File consulting business

The client decides to appeal or not competition between companies. It examines the architect 's methods for carrying out the work, and decide the method of consultation contractors (separate companies , business or general business group ) .

The architect brings together elements of the project necessary for the consultation for entrepreneurs viewed to appreciate the nature , quantity, quality and scope of their services and establish their offerings , namely:

- Plans, sections , rated at sufficient scale , usually 1:50 elevations, all necessary details at appropriate scales , technical specifications detailed by state bodies , frames decomposition offers businesses, program ( 2cm per meter. ) principle of workflow .

The architect assists the client to establish additional administrative documents supporting the project and constituting the tender documents : specific regulation tender ( OMPP ) , special administrative clauses (CCAP ) , project market or act of commitment , list of contractual documents with their priority ...


7 - DOW: Development of works

The architect assists the client in the Tenders companies , conducts comparative analysis establishes its report offers the client the list of companies to retain and develop the component parts of the contract (s ) of construction .

The client and the contractor retained by him sign the contract documents and any amendments in gains or losses .


8 - VISA

When final plans are partially or fully achieved by companies or other stakeholders including partners prime contractor , architect examines compliance with the proposed general design he has developed and shall stamp documents ( plans and specifications ) the provisions of the project are met.

The visa does not includes in particular the technical verification of documents issued by the companies. The visa does not relieve the company of its own responsibility.